Advanced Facial Treatments

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Our Advanced Facial Treatments

Our non-evasive electrical facials use a range of currents and treatments to produce immediate effects to the skin, cells and muscles. They are painless and very relaxing. 

There are a wide range of facials to choose from, many can be used together or alone (your therapist will recommend the most beneficial treatment for you and design a bespoke course if required).

High frequency - uses an alternating electrical current and a violet ray which has many benefits including germicidal and anti-bacterial effect using ozone to oxygenate and deep clean the skin, ideal for clients that suffer from acne and outbreaks, other effects are: healing and reduction of scars, reduction in fine lines and pore size, increased cellular activity and renewal, increased blood flow, increases your bodies own collagen and elastin levels. 

Galvanic - The first part of the treatment uses a direct electrical current to deep cleanse the skin, remove the build-up of sebum and keratinised cells, and soften the skin. The second part of the treatment uses specific skin type products which are repelled into the skin to give a variety of effects (the most popular being collagen) to help regeneration of mature and damaged skin (great for sun exposure) stimulation (good for sluggish skins) and improvement of sensitive skin. Other effects are improved cell metabolism, and increased blood and lymph flow.

Microcurrent - uses a direct electrical current to promote tissue healing and stimulate the cell's metabolic process which helps maintain a youthful appearance, compacts the skin of ageing, improves the condition of the muscles and enhances the contours of the face by stimulating the fibres of the muscles causing a lifting effect which is immediately noticeable. The effects are cumulative and increase the more treatments you have.

All of the below facial treatments benefit from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly treatments. Please ask your therapist for a bespoke plan and save money with a facial course.

Advanced Facial Treatments

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