Cosmetic Electrotherapy

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Our Cosmetic Electrotherapy treatments

Our electrical facials use a range of currents and treatments to produce immediate effects to the skin, cells and muscles.

Clear Skin – This healing treatment uses high frequency and galvanic currents to clear congested skin, reduce pores, treats acne and blackheads, helps even out skin tone, reduces blemishes and scars and the ozone clears skin of bacteria and ensures a thorough deep clean. As a happy side effect the galvanic parts of the treatments provides excellent anti aging properties.

Anti Ageing – This hydrating treatment uses galvanic and high frequency current to reduce wrinkle depth and fine lines, improve skin texture and circulation and helps improve the skin tone giving a brighter, plumper effect. The high frequency parts of the treatment has an anti-bacterial effect to heal the skin and reduce pore depth.

Face Lift – Micro current is used to stimulate the fibres of the muscles causing a lifting effect which is immediately noticeable. The effects are cumulative and increase the more treatments you have.

All of the below facial treatments benefit from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly treatments. Please ask your therapist for a bespoke plan and save money with a facial course.

Cosmetic Electrotherapy

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